Welcome to our project

This page is still under construction

“Gemeinsam leben auf dem Lande e.V.” is a cohousing project of socially and ecologically oriented people who want to realize a solidary form of living in harmony with nature, natural resources and the neighborhood. We aim for a project size of 10 to 15 parties, about 20-30 people from currently 1 to 89 years. We want to be respectful and responsible with each other, learn from each other, support each other and culturally enrich each other. This includes sharing living space in the form of a communal kitchen, common room, utility rooms, workshops, guest room, large garden, possibly keeping animals, etc. In return, the private apartments of each party can be smaller. The envisioned form of cohousing allows for much informal meeting and sharing of daily newspapers, appliances, etc. Regular cooking together will save time and resources. We also envision a larger community space for events, neighborhood meetings, or the development of dormant talents. Public activities should not intrude on residents’ privacy and should be agreed upon with those affected. When making decisions, we strive for the consensus principle, i.e. we try to negotiate until everyone can at least support the decision. Our desired legal form for the cohousing project is a cooperative form.

We can be reached via info@gemeinsam-leben-auf-dem-land.eu